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Protecting You Before You Sign

Before you execute any employment contract, you should consult an experienced lawyer to ensure your rights are protected. If you fail to seek the advice of an attorney, you could enter into an agreement that does not support your best interests.

The lawyers of Barber & Bauer LLP, in Evansville, Indiana, have more than 55 years of combined legal experience. They have the knowledge and skills to aggressively protect your rights and your best interests as you negotiate a noncompete agreement, severance package or other employment contracts.

Reviewing Noncompete Agreements

If you have been asked by your employer to sign a noncompete or nonsolicitation agreement, the attorneys of Barber & Bauer LLP, can review the documents to ensure that they are fair and reasonable, and advise you on the likelihood of the agreement’s enforceability in court.

Effectively Negotiating Severance Packages

If your employer has presented you with a severance package upon your termination, the attorneys at Barber & Bauer LLP, can review the severance package, advise you as to your rights, and negotiate with your employer on your behalf.

The attorneys at Barber & Bauer LLP, are also experienced in drafting employment contracts, noncompete, nonsolicitation, confidentiality and other employment agreements. If you are an employer needing to protect your interests, contact Barber & Bauer LLP.

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