Aggressive And Effective Employment Attorneys

Serious employment law matters require the assistance of a law firm that has skills, experience and knowledge of the relevant laws. Attorneys Steve Barber and Erin Bauer of Barber & Bauer, LLP, in Evansville use their skills, experience and knowledge for both employees and employers in Indiana dealing with complex legal matters.

Protecting The Rights Of Employees

When you are faced with a potential legal problem at work, it is important to understand your rights and how to effectively seek a fair and favorable resolution. The lawyers of Barber & Bauer, LLP, have experience on both sides of employment law matters.

The attorneys of Barber & Bauer, LLP, provide aggressive representation in employment law matters, including wrongful termination, and contract, noncompete, and severance negotiations.

Effective Legal Counsel For Employers

Barber & Bauer, LLP, also provides legal counsel for employers in Indiana. The firm effectively handles human relations matters, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance issues and other legal matters affecting employers.

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